Some places that we have played:

  • The Owl Shop (New Haven–Tuesday night residency, 3yrs, ongoing)
  • BRYAC (Black Rock)
  • The Acoustic (Black Rock)
  • The Warehouse at FTC (Flavors of Fairfield)
  • Cafe Nine (New Haven)
  • Old Post Tavern (Fairfield)
  • The Spotted Horse Tavern (Westport)
  • The Tautog Tavern (Black Rock)
  • Stony Creek Brewery (Branford, monthly Sunday gig)
  • Brennan’s Shebeen (Black Rock)
  • The Outer Space (Hamden)
  • Trinity Bar (New Haven)
  • Smokin’ with Chris (Southington, acoustic trio)
  • Sam the Clam’s (Southington, acoustic trio)
  • Paradise Hills Winery (Wallingford)
  • Hoptoberfest (Shelton)
  • Taste of Guilford
  • Center Street Public House (Darien, duo)
  • Little Stone House (Guilford, duo, every Thursday in the summer for 5 years until they closed)
  • and more. 

The Red Planet is:

John Hurley
acoustic guitar & vocals
Pete Blossom
electric & acoustic guitar & vocals
JB Sutherland
Patrick Haddon
bass & vocals

Friends and helping hands from time to time:
Tim “T-Bone” Stone, keyboards
Billy Bileca, bass
Kevin St. James, vocals
Jeff Block, Guru
Fred McKay, bass
John “Bubs” Brown, bass
Bob Nolte, drums

The band is known for it’s tight performances, superb vocals, fiery guitar work and solid rhythm section. Although they are often categorized as a Grateful Dead cover band, that’s not really the case. Sure, they do a bunch of Dead songs, but don’t necessarily try to sound like the Dead—although sometimes they do end up nailing it. They also do a variety of songs by artists like the Band, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Van Morrison, the Beatles, and many more. But really, they put their own spin on things. There are elements of Americana, folk, funk, blues, bluegrass, r&b, and rock, with each band member bringing their own influences to the table.

John and Pete have been playing together since 2007. Since their musical adventures began, they’ve played hundreds of gigs with Once Removed, the Crickstones with Liz McNicholl, and as an acoustic duo, allowing them to develop a musical symbiosis that can only come from having played together so much. They both have different styles that when put together, make for a sum greater than it’s parts.

The Red Planet came together in 2010.

In April of 2014 they began a Tuesday night residency at the Owl Shop on College Street in New Haven and have been there ever since.

They play as a full band with electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and drums; as an acoustic trio, with two acoustic guitars and upright or electric bass; or as the Red Planet duo, with John and Pete on acoustic guitars.

Whether as a duo, trio, or the whole band, the Red Planet always gives a spirited performance, making new fans every time they play.